Behind the Hook

Behind the Scenes

computer keyboard and beginning of crochet hat

There is a lot happening here – both on and off the hook. 

I’ve been busy behind the scenes with finalizing my website and crocheting like crazy!  My website is officially up and running and I am excited to share this journey with you.  

Crocheting is easy compared to all the technological things I’ve been learning about a website.  Pixels, domains, hosting, plugins, widgets, permalinks…OH MY!!  I’m so grateful for the training I received from Rebecca at in creating a website.  Her course, Create. Launch. & Flourish, helped me with all the steps necessary to create and launch my website.  She knows her stuff and is so sweet and helpful.  I highly recommend checking out her course if you want to learn the techy stuff for your own website.

My crochet hook has also been busy turning yarn into soft, cozy beanies and blankets which will be coming soon to my Etsy shop. I love to make projects that are colorful, so they grab your attention, or are loaded with texture to appeal to your sense of touch.  

Close up shot of multiple hats and beanies

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